Has Soul Sold Out

Krishna Hayes

Has Soul Sold Out




Brothers with tattered peace signs and faded emblems of Africa consume themselves with memorabilia of ancestors magic creating a collection of prized possessions in the eyes of the beauty beholden by spirit world these men with devastated swagger and long gone looks like chipped paint dedicate them selves to become the leaders of this American dream where essence has become essential and eccentric to be brutally honest white America has finally warmed up to the culture and art form of being black which is abstract and creative life style formed like the fibers of papyrus steeped in the mystic ambitions of slaves

Whose backs carried the paintings of scars from a whips brush strokes a regality that invoked a lighted path blazed by the forefathers now black is marketed and devised globally to inform educate and remodel

The fabric of American class the one thing that is frightening is this could all be a Amos and Andy rerun where our good sportsmanship is dishonored and forgotten to become no less than a passing thought as entertainment capitalizes on the minds of the consumer my one hope truthfully is that we donít forget that this country was built on the ancient muscular shiny onyx backs of Africaís people

And that being black is more than just a successful trend but a privilege and a understanding of roots and heritage

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