Justifiable Homicide

Krishna Hayes

Justifiable Homicide



A hair line trigger

As bullets fragments pierced a 14 year old figure

This was not another dead nigger

A spirit robbed of life and dreams

When good boys in blue reign supreme

In this color scheme

did justice intervene

How the cop fired at his target

And didn’t miss in the quick hit event

As the boy lay struggling stuck in the moment

Was it just a reflex to run from the cop

In the mind of a scared boy

 who thought his freedom was shot

 afraid to get caught

 his attempt to flee was all for not

some say he was foolish

others say he’s victim of the killer cop mentality

to run while the cruelty of the glock nine

 screamed and destroyed a reality

creating a casualty

 from the robbery

and Accused degenerate activity

that led to a justifiable fatality

In the eyes of the police officer

 it was just another cowardly crook

who did not hesitate

to change his piercing Look

 with pin point precision letting the heat fly

As what perceived to be a gun animated his eye

Like the spider web catching and ignorant fly

So goes the execution of boy who’s life waved good bye

As a sad end to another sad story

of a black child

and a cops blaze of glory

Copyrighted © 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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