Sweet Love 
by Krishna Hayes

Sweet love
that you been searchin' for
I find hard to get.
Love that don't make me want to quit.
Baby, I'm real like the sunlight
shake my words
sweet poetry words
that soothe the soul
and make eyes rain like April clouds.
is not a love poem.
This is not an ATT
reach out and love someone poem.
This poem ain't about wilting roses in my yard.
This poem is poetry
that makes you put your hand to your heart and sing.
“Damn, I wish he was writing that shit for me.”
This poem ain't no poem out of no goddamn $3.35 cereal box.
This ain't no poem about gettin' ass
or trying to seem sensitive.
This poem ain't about the way your smile is like silver lining.
This poem ain't about the way your lips quench my hunger like dessert.
This poem ain't no Al Green song.
This poem ain't about how you better serve chicken and biscuits
after Sunday church.
Cause you see
I want to grow in your field
to know if shooting stars could touch my hands.
I want to stretch in the solitude of your dreams
feel the word's silk
tickle my ear.
I wish the world was quiet
so our love could beam loud
but this
this ain't no love poem
and I know all y'all sayin',
"If this ain't no love poem
well…shit!  What is it?"



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