The Love Of Lust

Krishna Hayes

The Love Of Lust





She calls my name sweet

Her halo is eye catching

She is my heart beat

She always keeps me guessing


We sleep by the beach

Praising the sun rise

Has my soul to keep

Confiscated by her eyes


She is my star in this atmosphere

She is the magic light that appears



She is a cool breeze

Sent to my rescue

My spark she believes

Know what I got to prove


We drive with the top down

Just like a hit movie

Our passion makes sounds

Living and kissing groovie


She is the fuel to my fire

Igniting the flame that the others admire


She smells like lilac

Cocoa skin and brown eyes

Nothing cant hold me back

As I wrap inside her thighs


Make love till times stops

Chivalry aint dead

Light of lovers rock

Makes my cheek bones red


She is grace in graceful

Promise to remain faithful


I taste the nectar

From crystal clear glasses







Copyrighted 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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