Krishna Hayes

Times are changing


To deeply ask what is the message we wish to convey

Taking a look at our selves we must survey

To avoid the abominable abuse

To refuse to not settle for less

It is your duty as an individual to pursue life love and happiness

 But to forget what we have fought so diligently for is an utter sin

As the past toil is under appreciated

is this the dream that king did intend

If he was alive now would the disharmony offend

We know thereís a problem we cant pretend

It is time for the wounds to mend

The only struggle that exists is the battle between ego and spirit

As the ghetto becomes and internment camp like Auschvitz

Barbed wire cold brick

 Broken liquor bottles

As streets double as cell blocks

Except the villains

Are our own people

The unjust actions are conspired by the offspring of the community

Drug lords are worshipped as gods

With cars that extend their man hood

Dreams rest on the ground scattered like ashes

From another sad story where is the fabulous glory

For the souls stricken by the germ of poverty

Or for the polluted slaves addicted to a dealerís means of survival as necessity

the cops stay clocking

 Immolated rap stars stay ice rocking

As a race of people are devolving

 This epidemic needs solving

As commercially being black is in demand

And the murder hustling and pimping is done by black and not white hands

white hands donít sale white rocks

And triggers predominantly are not fired by white cops

As public housing becomes project burial plots

But to be brain washed into not respecting your self

When the media portrays you as useless and unworthy

And a detriment to society

Devoid of all capable ability of common sense

 To be type caste as thugs hoes and junkies

 When in the past elders were mocked as porch monkeys

What a sad chore to be man kinds flunky

When in the past it was a crime to read and write

When in the past to just eat at a restaurant was a hassle and fight

As a culture in the sixties we were radicals for civil rights

Denied the freedom to lead an equal life

When segregation was a device

 Used as a vice

 To cripple the spirit and might

Of the sedulous blacks were born in a world of two strikes

 With leaders like Dr king who used fore sight will and determination

To invite us on a vision

Of equality against the frigid stones of hatred

Now ignorance has become the policy

And nonviolence as an action is secondary

Where itís evident those days and times we must compare

In a situation where the dream has become a nightmare

Destitute depressed with death dope and despair

Personally things still arenít fair

But the masses donít care

Barred from public events political affairs

Degenerated schools lime light leaders and famous fools

Once we were kings and empires were glorious

But now this generationís actions are notorious

On a journey too oblivious to the chaos that causes tumultuous wounds

That steal havenít healed festering

From four hundred years of being treated of as coons

Livestock property cargo on ships

But now itís all about that Bentley your driving down the drag strip

In and era when wealth is cared for more than spiritual health

Its time as a people to understand one self

To avoid being a casualty if nothing else

To the agenda to erase our essence

Hasnít history taught us a valuable lesson

Do we want what happened to our forefathers to start again

 Just imagine a world where you were really persecuted

For the color of your skin to not be able to sit on the front of a bus

Gather in protest or openly discuss

The disgust or fight for crusade

 That says freedom or bust

To me we are not taking advantage of the journey

That carried us to this point

So whom will we anoint to lead our nation to a destination

As the search for a cure to the problem promotes contemplation

For justice and truth to reign supreme

Because itís only a matter of time before god intervenes

To believe we shall overcome the retched degradation of self-destruction

This disease of self-hate lies deep in the mind

Tormented by demons that haunt our kind from the plantation

To the ghetto reservation being black has now become a popular conversation

As the voice of today

To hope being black doesnít become a clichť

Copyrighted © 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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